Want to Work with Me?

(I mean, who wouldn't?! I'm amazing!)

In my six years as a personal trainer, 17 years of coaching people of all ages, and 30+ years as an athlete, I have stayed up to date with the trends, personally tried many workouts, and fielded hundreds of questions from people of all ages. In my networking circles, I'm considered the go-to person for all things health and fitness. Coffee hour at church....Forget about it! I'm bombarded with questions. 🙂

Do any of the following apply to you and your situation?
  • Looking for feedback on your current health and fitness routine?
  • Seeking an at-home workout routine tailored to your needs?
  • Researching physical fitness options for your loved ones in their 60s, 70s, and 80s? (Especially since their physical therapy sessions ran out, but their need for them hasn't)
  • Want to stay up on the latest fitness trends, but don't want to do the research or try every single new class out?

I want to help more people with their health and fitness journey, so I'm opening up my schedule for limited amount of consultation clients! GET EXCITED!

How does it work? It's a three step process:

  1. Schedule a 30-minute Discovery Call. In these 30 minutes, we will discuss the answers to your intake form, so I can better understand what  you (or your family member) needs.
  2. Schedule a 90 - minute Strategy Session. In between calls, I will be busy researching and crafting a specific strategy for you. During the call, I will break down the plan, explaining each piece, give you time to ask questions and for me to answer them.
  3. Schedule 15-minute Accountability Calls. These calls keep you on-track with your strategy and give you an opportunity to ask questions and allow for any tweaks to be made to your program.

I'm so excited to work with you!

The question remains:  ARE YOU READY?!