Why I don’t shop for UP TOP at LuLuLemon

Yep. I said it... I know it’s the “in” place, and legions of legging-wearing gals might be keying my car later…that’s okay.  I am strong and I will survive.

In my book - you have to show me WHY it’s worth my $60+ hard earned dollars for 1 bra… I will not buy your chi-chi clothes unless they pass a few standard tests.

#1: When I jump, everything stays in place.

I cannot emphasize this enough.

Because really, why else are we wearing this special bra?!

This basic request comes to you, courtesy of a small-chested athlete, for Pete’s Sake!

This leads me to the premise of my argument…Lulu Lemon is for looks….

“See me? My whole outfit is from Lulu!”

And yes, the clothes are beautiful!

And yes, I own some!

But here’s the deal - it’s not performance-wear...For athletes.

I’m sure it’s great for yoga.

group of women stretching in gym

#2: Full coverage of the chest region

While we’re on the subject of having a small chest….

There is zero reason….ZERO

for a sports bra to reveal your goodies

whilst you are standing upright or bending over.

Because in the beginning, middle or end of my workout, I cannot be bothered to adjust body parts to remain contained.

I can’t even imagine what this is like for the well-endowed! Bless.

Sports bra - this is your one job!

Don’t EVEN get me started on side-boob!!!

#3: Give my arms, back, and shoulders room to do their job

Adding straps does not equal better. It just looks fancy.

For those who lack motivation to workout in the first place, why would you keep going if you feel like you’re strapped into a straight jacket?!

For those who love working out, you will want to rip this sexy, strappy-dappy extravaganza right off. And then where are we?

Certainly breaking rules #1 and #2.

I recently worked my way into one of these cutting edge fashiony LLL bras.

Instead of being really cool-looking from the back, all I saw was my sexy, strong back desperately trying to find some breathing room.

It was a disaster.

I’m not a easy-peasy workout type-girl.

Now, I don’t mean to say every workout I’m flipping tires.

But, seriously LLL?

The only high support sports bra you offer is the “Ta Ta Tamer III.”

Sorry - just throw up in my mouth.

I can see that you can cross the straps in the back for the best fit.

No thanks.

Can’t you just design it so that it already does that?

Because now I’ll be worried about the hooks coming undone and/or digging into my back while I workout.

AND yet, friends, one caveat….

My favorite sports bra is from LLL.

I know. I’m such a hypocrite!

Here’s the kicker.

That’s the bra I went into the store to buy…with a gift card from a client…and they didn’t have it…

Tried my best not to have a small tantrum in the store.

At least I know the name of it…and how ironic.

It’s called the “All Sport Bra.”

Criss Cross straps that are thick and allow your upper body to do it’s thang! You’re fully covered and everything stays in place.

So what’s a sporty girl to do?

Off to Target! Dick’s Sporting Goods! Athleta!

More reviews to come.

I’ll make sure our top picks fulfill rules #1, 2, & 3 and don’t break the bank.

But let’s be honest.

When you find your favorite sports bra, you will fork over the cash money!!!

-Your Constant Support



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Stephanie's clients (and friends) LOVE her because she is real. She is positive, passionate, and SMILES! Her clients feel uplifted after training sessions, less stressed out and ready to take on their day. They are thrilled with their results and refer to Stephanie as a member of their family. While she's an amazing listener and displays determination when faced with a challenge, Stephanie has learned to leverage her humor in all situations and is the first to laugh at all her jokes. This skill is especially helpful because she interacts with so many humans. In her 15 combined years of coaching sports, teaching 5th grade, and volunteering at her church, Stephanie has mentored hundreds of young people. She hopes to continue to teach, motivate, and challenge others to be their best. Faith, family, friends, and fitness fill her life with purpose! More about Stephanie's awesomeness: She's a certified personal trainer who graduated from the National Personal Training Institute in Rochester, MI, a 500 hour program. Stephanie also holds the following certifications: NASM - CPT, First Aid/CPR/AED, Kettle Bell, Rip Trainer, Suspension Training, Piyo Live, and Insanity Live. Stephanie is also a USPTR Tennis Teaching Pro and a Diamond Level Team Beachbody Coach. Stephanie is unique in that she played college tennis, graduating with an elementary education degree, and has completed five triathlons.
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  1. Makes me want to whip out my debit card right now and get to shopping!! As a heavy chested lady it’s certainly important to invest in some amazing fitness clothes to help
    Support, and keep things in place!!!

    Can’t wait to

  2. Lisa

    Sports bra reviews from fitness professionas are always welcome! I love that you are super honest. And the wit and humor will keep me coming back!

    You are amazing! Keep sharing the awesomeness that is you 😉

  3. I love me some lulu but I honestly only buy it to wear to the grocery store or pre-school carline pick up! That’s it! To wear it to workout in is, well, silly to me because it’s not functional! I mean, the capris are great for working out possibly. But that’s it. Totally agree with you! I love my lulu but only to look cute in ;).

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