Summer’s a comin’

Friends. I was in the market for some one-piece swimsuits and the targeted ads got me! Decided to try out three suits. Was excited about the price point ($20-40 range) and the variety of styles.

Wanted to try a high-waisted style....How stinking cute is this?! Bikini Ruffle

One thing that I didn't like about the ordering process...two-piece suits come in the same size, as a set. I am small up top and large on the that is unfortunate. The top will won't be super. And the bottoms "fit" but I'm not convinced they are flattering...Can I still rock a two piece? Maybe. But I've got a huge a** scar that I'd rather not field questions about every time I'm at the pool (and it's probably best to keep that new skin protected this summer).





Suit #2 is a deep V in front and back. Deep V

This teal color is GORGEOUS! The deep plunge in front and back is very flattering. And the ruffles aren't quite a cap sleeve, but so feminine. Again...small up top, so it could be tighter up there, but my booty is properly covered. Whoop!

The other one-piece comes up to my collarbone, which I love because my chest gets enough (too much) sun when I'm teaching tennis lessons. Stripes and Leaves


The two different prints is fun. Love the tie in the back (there's a scoop cut out). I can play and run around in this suit, for sure. The cut on the rump is the same as the Deep V suit. I feel adequately covered...BUT I didn't do any deep squats. From what I've heard, the suits might have different cuts to them, so my advice is to order a few and try them on. Kind of a pain.




CupShe runs promotions ALL THE TIME. Right now, I see a coupon on the website for 50%.

If I wore only one suit all summer, would it last? I have no idea. Not thinking so...just because of the price point...BUT we shall see. I think it's worth a try this summer. There's a pool at my my literal backyard and I swim and/or at least jump in every single day.

I will report back. Let me know if you've tried a suit from CupShe or another online retailer. I'm curious to hear your review!


Happy almost Summer!


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  1. Kristen

    I’ve gotten a few from CupShe and they are cut much higher than my typical bikini bottoms, so wedgies and visible tan lines. Trying some others this summer!

    1. Stephanie Springer

      Kristen – I heard that from my cousin, too! Soooo…hopefully I’ll be wedgie-free…we shall see 😉 Let me know what you end up trying!

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