Look who's back?!


You've probably been following me on Facebook and Instagram....and perhaps one of a handful of friends begging me to get back to blogging/vlogging so they have something to look forward to during lunch break. (If not: follow me on FB: @springertimeonline and IG: @positive_fitness11)...Also, WELCOME!


Not exactly the way I envisioned re-entering the blogging world, but I'm not big on New Years Resolutions...does anyone actually still do those??


This blog series (So You Wanna Try) has been swirling around in my brain for about a year and a half now.


Simple Concept:

--> I am the guinea pig...Trying out the class, course, race, etc.

--> Penny for my thoughts pre and post situation in video and written word.

--> You live vicariously through my experience and decide if YOU wanna go and try it yourself!


A year ago, I made a list of classes, races, experiences I wanted to try...a bucket list of sorts.


Truly none scared me more to try (like actually DO...as well as WRITE about it....and hit PUBLISH) more than this one.


As fate would have it, one of my friends invited me to her birthday party, in which, we would be taking a fitness class...a pole fitness class.


If you're thinking, "Stephanie? What the whaaaaat?!?!"




What an experience!


One of the best parts of the "So You Wanna Try" project is my perspective...Going into new experiences can be scary! I have a game plan...I meet the owners of the facility, the teacher(s), and ask a bajillion questions...look at the whole thing as a journalist.


Of course, because I'm me, I made a few friends, which is always a bonus. I collect people who can join me on athletic adventures. Very helpful when the majority of my friends give excuses like, "I'm very pregnant with a baby and cannot do that adventure race with obstacles." Lame. (Just kidding!)


So, this was one of the "tricks" I mastered.....and I did it on the first try, which was empowering.




Curious about my post-class thoughts? Here you go:



Soreness Report:


No weird bruising, either. If this had been the next level up class, it would be a different story, FOR SURE!


How I feel overall:

Amazing. Empowered. Proud of myself for being vulnerable, exiting the experience with more confidence. Alive. Utmost respect for people who are aerial artists. Check out an inspiring gal named Greta, who started at age 59: https://youtu.be/rr_PJCodGP8 Keep it classy and I'm all about it.


Reaction from others:

"Oh my gosh! I want to do that!"


I had my time as guinea pig --> now it's YOUR TURN! Research classes in your area, drag a friend along, get out of your comfort zone and just do it.


What's the worst that happens?

  • You hate it? (Don't go back)
  • You feel uncoordinated and embarrassed? (Uhhh, been there, done that. I'm still alive.)

Trying new things is important for us as humans. Otherwise, we get lulled into mundane routines.


You can totally do this.


No matter what, you will have an amazing story to share with friends, strangers, and blind dates. 😉



Until next time...

Stay adventurous, my friends!



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