Check the bottom of your sneakers to see how they wear down.
I'm willing to bet you haven't replaced your shoes in AT LEAST one year....Am I correct in my assumption?
Many will dust off their shoes and hit the streets, sidewalks, and trails now that spring has sprung. Make sure your shoes fit you and won't cause injuries.
Not sure what kind of shoes you need?
Let's start with the activity you're planning to do:
-lift weights
-plyometrics (jumping)
-play tennis
-play volleyball
All of these activities/sports require different aspects to the shoe.
Running ---> GET FITTED at a running-specific shoe store. There are SO many options and styles. Try them all! Most stores will even let you run on their treadmill or around the block to get a better idea of the fit. DO THIS.
Walking --> GET FITTED at a running-specific shoe store. Similar to running...See above.
Weight lifting --> I recommend a light-weight shoe and feels like you have a good balance.
Plyometrics --> Light weight (one less weight to lift), wide base so there's less chance of you rolling your ankle. Jump around a few times in the store and feel if you can have a soft/low-impact landing.
Tennis --> GET FITTED at a tennis-specific store. Wide base because of all the side-to-side movements. Not that you want a heavy shoe, but it should be substantial support. Friction with the surface of the court breaks down the shoe. The courts also get really hot and it helps to have padding and protection.
Volleyball --> GET FITTED at a sporting goods store that carries several different brands. Wide base because volleyball requires side-to-side movements and jumping (obviously).
Hiking --> GET FITTED at a hiking specialty store - like REI. Make sure to try the hiking boots on with the socks you will wear with them!

Moral to the story: GET A PROPER FITTING!!!!! It is literally SCIENCE. Some of my personal training clients have injuries that can be traced back to poorly-fitting shoes....that have now affected their kinetic chain...sorry - a whole bunch of different parts of their body. It's so not good. It could have been avoided. By going to a store with trained professionals and paying a little bit more for that service.

***It's a good idea to wear or at least bring your previous pair of athletic shoes so the super helpful employee can evaluate how you wore them down and make the most educated recommendation for your next pair.
Here's something I always forget about when buying running shoes: because feet swell up inside your shoes, more often than not, you'll go up a full size. So don't freak out. But make sure to test them out! 😉
And depending on how often you wear your shoes, you need to replace them every six months or yearly, in the very least.
Guess what else this means?
---> One pair of shoes will not service all these activities! You'll need specific shoes for specific activities.
Tight on cash? --> Pick the activity you'll do the MOST. Start there.
And if your shoes aren't wearing out....YOU'RE NOT WEARING THEM ENOUGH!
Get up, get outside, and freaking use them!
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