It's totally in the Bible, right?

Or is it more like this?

Where is the bathroom-I know, I know. You've heard it before.

Did you know to aim for drinking half your bodyweight (in ounces)....EVERY DAY?!
Most people have to work their way up to that amount.....and let's be's a LOT more trips to the bathroom.
Why does everyone make such a big deal about drinking enough water?
1) Relieves Fatigue --> because now you're hydrated and you were dehydrated
2) Improves Mood --> because now you're hydrated and you were dehydrated
3) Fewer Headaches --> you guessed it....because now you're properly hydrated
4) Helps your digestion --> ...because now you're hydrated
5) Helps with Weight Loss Efforts --> suppresses appetite and helps the fat burning process
6) Helps flush out toxins --> our bodies are full of 'em and actually wants to get rid of ' drink up! This toxin flushing helps your skin BIG TIME!
Have I beaten you over the head enough and proven my point to DRINK THINE WATER?!
K great!
Here's a super simple tip to help you track your daily water intake:


There you go, friends. Even recycling the broccoli and asparagus rubber bands!


I will virtually "high five" you on your 80th trip to the bathroom.

Because despite what Billy Madison says, peeing your pants is NOT the coolest!

....being properly hydrated enough to actually pee your pants....

That's where I live.



Stephanie 🙂


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