Bag Lady

What's the number of bags that puts you on par with being a cat lady?

....asking for a friend...

Oh Stephanie - you look like you've just got it all together!


Got it in the bag, right? (Sorry. Had to.)

Nope! Far from the truth, my friends.


You know, some might say, when you're not thinking straight and you leave your keys in the side door overnight...MIGHT not be the best time to pick up your blog...where you left it sitting for approximately 330 days...

This photo represents the contents of my trunk at the end of the day last Wednesday.

  • Snow boots....because Michigan is bipolar
  • uniform for tennis job (pants, skirt, socks, tennis shoes, shirt, warm up jacket)
  • full change of clothes (pants, regular bra, camisole, top, sweater, slip-on shoes, deodorant)
  • make-up bag (which I never used)
  • lunch bag (full of snacks, lunch, and dinner)
  • bag of groceries (non-perishable items, of course)
  • guitar
  • purse
  • exercise equipment to train clients (this week it was kettle bells...not shown in pic)
  • two water bottles
  • bag with personal development book, notebook, pens, highlighters
  • posterboard from the kettle bell class I taught on Tuesday...whoops


Wednesdays are a BEAST....they are also the BEST! I train 3 clients, attend mid-day church (it's Lent), take a guitar lesson (super humbling and FUN), teach an hour and a half of group tennis classes for junior players (ages 5 - 10), train last clients of the day, drive home and collapse.

After some reflection, I realized a few things I need to STOP doing and a few things I need to START up again. It's important to take this time to think. Reflect.


We would all be more sane people if we did!


Dinner out Saturday night... Amazing burger and S'more milkshake - whoa, baby!


This photo is important to me (beyond the fact that S'more anything = YES). It's not the concept of "Treat Yo' Self" (which is also legit), but rather "Live Your Life".... and "Balance"....


Cheers to seeking balance, living fully, and perhaps one less bag in the trunk!!!



P.S. Thank you to my friend, Kristen, for bugging me to get this blog going again!

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Stephanie's clients (and friends) LOVE her because she is real. She is positive, passionate, and SMILES! Her clients feel uplifted after training sessions, less stressed out and ready to take on their day. They are thrilled with their results and refer to Stephanie as a member of their family. While she's an amazing listener and displays determination when faced with a challenge, Stephanie has learned to leverage her humor in all situations and is the first to laugh at all her jokes. This skill is especially helpful because she interacts with so many humans. In her 15 combined years of coaching sports, teaching 5th grade, and volunteering at her church, Stephanie has mentored hundreds of young people. She hopes to continue to teach, motivate, and challenge others to be their best. Faith, family, friends, and fitness fill her life with purpose! More about Stephanie's awesomeness: She's a certified personal trainer who graduated from the National Personal Training Institute in Rochester, MI, a 500 hour program. Stephanie also holds the following certifications: NASM - CPT, First Aid/CPR/AED, Kettle Bell, Rip Trainer, Suspension Training, Piyo Live, and Insanity Live. Stephanie is also a USPTR Tennis Teaching Pro and a Diamond Level Team Beachbody Coach. Stephanie is unique in that she played college tennis, graduating with an elementary education degree, and has completed five triathlons.

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